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Bali Fitness Weekend





Bali Fitness Weekend

Oct 30- Nov 3 2019

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Bali Fitness Weekend Ambassador Program


Become a BFW Ambassador:

2016 we are introducing our NEW 'Ambassador' program to passionate Zumba Zin's and Fitness presenters who would like to become 'International Fitness Presenters.

BFW will align our Social Networking Campaign with your's promoting you as a BFW Ambassador and invite your clients and students to join you for the Bali Fitness Weekend.

By becoming a BFW Ambassador you will recieve:

*Special Discounted Group Rates

*BFW Merchandise pack

*Top Billing for our 'International Day of Dance'

*Promotion on our Social Networking and Marketing  

 Material as a 'International Fitness Presenter

* 10% discount on all Bali Lifestyle and Fitness Retreats

  and Bali Custom Made Holidays


Contact Jason Michael via






2016 B.F.W Ambassadors:


David 'POW' Tabain:


Former World Kettle Bell lifting Champion and still 'World Record Holder and the creator of the '30 day Challenge'

David is a passionate 'International ZUU and Ankorr Trainer' and with his team of Master Trainers Dirk Kirkland and Ben Seymour they will be hosting our BFW Beach Boot Camps and ZUU trainings as part of BFW 2016.






Rohit Saud ZIN (India):


Rohit Saud first came to the BFW in 2015 and blew the crowd away with his 'Bollywood Beat's' MC.

Originally from Nepal but born and brought up in India. A winner of Zumba zin contest which was held in year 2015.


The mesmerising Bollywood music turned him into Dance instructor who has trained many from past 15 years.

Everybody loves Rohits cool style and down to earth personality......






 Rachel Fok ZJ (Hong Kong):


 Nicole Lemon ZIN (Aust):


Rachel Fok ZJ originally from Gansu province in China, Rachel was trained as a professional dancer from the age of 12, and graduated from the Gansu School of Art, majoring in Chinese Dun Huang dance, traditional Chinese dance and ballet in 1993. 


Rachel was in the performing arts industry since then until her mid 20’s.  Rachel first came across Zumba® Fitness in early 2007, and she completed her Zumba® Basic 1 training in the same year, and that particular session was one of the earliest trainings held in Asia and was conducted by Beto, the founder of Zumba® Fitness.


Currently, Rachel is a full-time Zumba® Fitness instructor conducting various types of Zumba® Fitness classes and ZIN Jam™ sessions. 






Nicole Lemon has been a Zumba ZIN since 2010 living and working out of Perth Western Australia.

In her 4th year at the Bali Fitness Weekend Nicole has become one of our greatest supporters continuing the tradition that is the BFW......

Every year the WA people come in bigger and bigger numbers and mostly due to Nicole passion and promotion of our 'Truly International' Holiday event!!!!!






 Annette Maturana ZIN (Aust):


Annette Maturana is a passionate Zin from Sydney Australia. She loves Zumba for the simple reason 'that every class feel's like a party.


When Annette join us this year at BFW 2016 you will see what she mean's.....


Zany, fun-loving and full of life once you meet her you will realize that Annette is definatley 'one of a kind' and eptomizes everything that is the 'Zumba Spirit'






 Carmen Holder ZIN (Mexico/Aust):


Carmen Holder co-creator of the Bali Fitness Weekend a lady who just loves teaching Zumba classes.


The reason is simple: Every class feels like a pachanga(party)


Come join us and you'll see what I mean. You don't even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow the lead. It's easy.......Essooo !!! 






 Ahorangi Raine Tautou ZIN (Aust)


Ahorangi is a Contemporary trained Dancer with over 10 years of teaching adult Hip Hop


2016 is her third BFW


“Something special happens when I start to dance, the inspiration I feel with the beat and movement brings out a special joy within that radiates out pure “happy” and  undeniably feel-good energy. It’s impossible to be in that space and remain unaffected – simply uplifted”